If you have seen a shot in a club, you may wonder how many ml in a shot. Here is the answer you need and some interesting things about measuring it.

Introduction About How Many Ml In A Shot?

In most parties, especially in a club or bar, you may see bartenders using a glass to pour alcohol. Have you ever wondered how many ml in a shot and how they can measure the right amount with it? 

In fact, if you don’t know the exact measurement, they can make some mistakes about the amount needed. Therefore, continue to read this article to find out the right answer.

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How Many Ml In A Shot?

These glasses are used mostly in bars and clubs to measure alcohol or ingredients of a cocktail. The minimum volume is about 20ml, while the maximum is 60ml.

In the US, this volume is around 44ml. However, it is different depending on each country. The sizes have to stick to the government rules, so knowing how many ml in a shot is necessary.

A Whiskey Glass

Two Important Things To Consider When Measuring A Shot

When you measure the volume of it, you should consider two important things:

Appearance Of The Shot Glass

In fact, these glasses have different sizes and appearances. Thus, the measurement of liquid in a glass is pretty different. 

For instance, cheat glasses are important in measuring liquid, and it has a special appearance. Its bottom is thicker than others, making it hold less liquid than it seems.

A Cheat Glass

The Country

As mentioned above, the amount of alcohol that glass can pour varies depending on the country. For example, Australia and Germany have different volumes. 

Typically, in Australia, they can hold around 30ml to 60ml. In the meantime, in Germany, they only pour from 20ml to 40ml.

Measuring A Shot Without A Shot Glass

Let’s see how to measure it when we don’t have a shot glass.

The 4 Count Method

All you need to do is count to four, as its name. Each count is considered half glass; then, you continue counting to four. When you finish, take measuring equipment to know the amount you poured out. 

If it is exact, then you manage to learn the skill. Keep practicing several times to make sure you can do this method successfully.

Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons is pretty easier than the above method, and it is more likely to measure the right amount you need. Some people think that using spoons to measure the liquid is not professional. 

However, measuring the right amount of ingredients to have a tasteful cocktail is more important than proving that you are seasoned. Therefore, some bartenders still feel free to use this method when they have no glasses.

Medicine Cup

We should have a medicine cup instead of a shot glass as its name. Medicine cups can hold about 30ml to 60ml. In Particular, they have a measuring line, which makes it easier for bartenders to measure the liquid exactly.

A Medicine Cup

Why Is The Exact Measurement Of A Shot Essential?

For bartenders, it is super important to have a deep insight into this measurement. There are multiple types of glass, so they have to remember all of their volumes to create a tasteful cocktail or beverage. Each beverage has a typical recipe to follow; just a small mistake can destroy your drink. Therefore, knowing the precise measuring of it helps you do that.

In general, it may not be too necessary to know the exact measurements for people. However, it would be better to know that because it helps you create a tasteful cocktail even when you are sick from alcohol.

Mexican Candy Shot

This drink attracts many people, even women, because of its multiple fruit flavors.

What Is A Mexican Candy Shot?

It is a tequila and fruit juice cocktail. Its taste is a combination of sweet and a little spicy, which makes it special. 

There is no exact information about who made this cocktail first. It has many variations with different tastes. Its name comes from a watermelon-flavored Mexican candy. The decoration of this drink is more special than others, which attracts many people to try it. Chili powder-like dust is put on the rim. This is the reason why it has a slightly spicy taste.

Best Kind Of Juice For Mexican Candy?

Traditionally, watermelon is the main ingredient of a Mexican candy shot. But, now you have more choices to make different Mexican cocktails; raspberry and strawberry are high recommendations. 

How Many Ml In A Shot: Conclusion

This is a precise answer for “how many ml in a shot”. In short, the volume of a shot is from 20 ml to 60 ml. 

We hope you have your satisfactory answer and gain some necessary knowledge about this kind of glasses, including three ways to measure a shot without a shot glass or find out a fantastic drink named Mexican Candy Shot

Thank you for your reading, we will see you really soon.

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